Invitation of public comments for access permission to Fuel Stations, Retails Outlets, etc.
S. No. State Subject Issue Date
81 Maharashtra NHAI-PIU-Kolhapur- Four Laning of Satara - Kolhapur to Maharashtra State Border Section of NH-4 from Km 592.240 to Km 725.000 in the State of Maharashtra- Permission for laying of 33 KV underground cable for crossing at National Highway NH-48 near Perle, Tal-Karad, Dist-Satara (877.88 Kb application-pdf) 02-11-2021
82 Gujarat Six Laning from existing Km. 494+410 to existing Km. 509+550 of NH-8 in the state of Gujarat on EPC Mode under NHDP Phase-V (Package- VII). - Proposal for ROW permission for laying 8” Dia Steel Gas Pipeline across NH-48 at Km 541+100 on Mota Chiloda to Nana Chiloda section of NH-48 in the state of Gujarat (1.69 Mb application-pdf) 01-11-2021
83 Jharkhand (i). ROW permission for 39 Km laying Optical Fiber Cable in km. 320 to Km. 334 & Km. 334 to Km. 336 & Km. 377 to Km. 400 in NH-2. (ii). ROW permission for 2.350 Km laying Optical Fiber Cable from M.S. 356/800 to M.S. 359/150 in NH-2 (121.74 Kb application-pdf) 01-11-2021
84 Kerala NHAI-RO Kerala-4-laned Walayar-Vadakkancherry (Km.182+250-Km.240+000) section of NH-544 on BOT(Toll basis)-O&M Stage and 6 Laning of Vadakkanchery-Thrissur (Km.240+000-Km.270+000) of NH-544 on BOT(Toll) basis-Under construction-Laying of OFC on 40mm HDPE duct in between Km.235+120 to Km.237+500(LHS) of NH544 for a length of 2.080Km by M/s Telesonic Network Ltd. (Airtel) (859.45 Kb application-pdf) 01-11-2021
85 Telangana NHAI – RO Hyderabad – PIU Mancherial–Proposal for laying of Optical Fiber Cable from Km.42+000 to Km.68+522 (RHS), from Km.72+000 to Km.84+650 (RHS), Km.87+570 to Km. 90+030 (RHS), from Km.91+240 to Km.92+450 (RHS), From Km.49+975 to Km.55+900 (LHS), from Km.62+960 to Km.62+980 (LHS), from Km.68+050 to Km.68+522 (LHS), Km. 71+700 to Km.72+000 (LHS), from Km.90+040 to Km.91+240 (LHS), along the NH-363 (four laning stretch), from Km.315+358 to Km.31+430, from Km. 315+358 to Km. 317+900 (RHS), from Km.317+900 to Km.319+185 (LHS) on the existing NH-363 by Open trench Methodology and Highway crossings at Km.46+350, Km.47+650, Km.49+965, Km.50+100, Km.54+200, Km.54+800, Km.55+900, Km.58+100, Km.62+950, Km.65+080, Km.67+340, Km.68+000, Km.68+522 (LHS side and RHS side), Km.69+245, Km.72+000, Km.76+300, Km.83+900, Km.84+650, Km..88+500, Km.90+030, Km.90+200, Km.91+240, Km.92+450, Km. 316+370 (existing NH-363), and Km.317+900 (existing NH-363 across the Repallewada to TS/ MH border of NH-363 using HDD method in the State of Telangana (5.84 Mb application-pdf) 01-11-2021
86 Telangana NHAI – RO Hyderabad–Proposal for laying of Optical Fiber Cable from Km.12+000 to Km.19+410 (RHS), from Km.19+410 to Km.27+533 (LHS), Km.30+025 to Km.31+600 (LHS), from Km.31+660 to Km.42+000 (RHS), along the NH-363 (four laning stretch), from Km.251+900 to Km.252+600 (LHS), Km.252+606 to Km.258+418 (RHS) on the existing NH-363 by Open trench Methodology and Highway crossings at Km.11+600, Km.12+766, Km.14+240, Km.14+250, Km.17+100, Km.17+110, Km.19+410, Km.23+840, Km.30+025, Km.31+600, Km.34+465, Km.36+010, Km.38+035, Km.38+663, Km.39+150, Km.39+195, Km. 252+606 (existing NH-363), and Km.273+951 (existing NH-363) across the Repallewada to TS/ MH border of NH-363 using HDD method in the State of Telangana (4.26 Mb application-pdf) 01-11-2021
87 Uttar Pradesh Permission for laying of underground Gas Pipeline (8" dia of Steel Pipe) and 125mm dia MDPE Gas Pipeline by HDD/Trenching Method of M/s Indraprastha Gas Limited from Old Ch. 31+700 to Old Ch. 37+200 along Right Hand Side (RHS) of the National Highway. The total section length for ROW applied is 5.5km on along Panipat-Shamli Road, National Highway, New NH-709AD (Old SH-12) in the State of Uttar Pradesh (5.37 Mb application-pdf) 29-10-2021
88 West Bengal Permission for laying 30" dia crossing pipeline for 24" dia carrier gas pipeline and 6" dia HDPE Dust for OFC of M/s GAIL (India) Limited across NH-6 (New NH-16) at Km 60.830 at Mouza - Chandrapur, Bagnan-II in the state of West Bengal (886.79 Kb application-pdf) 29-10-2021
89 Uttar Pradesh Proposal for issuance of NOC for laying of 2 nos. of 150mm dia Heavy Duty GI pipes by HDD method for laying of electrical power cables of 6.6KV for RINL Forged Wheel Plant (FWP) township crossing at Km 70.6 of Raebareli-Banda section of NH-31 (Old NH-232), at Lalganj, District-Raebareli (30m in length) (2.79 Mb application-pdf) 29-10-2021
90 Kerala NHAI-RO Kerala- Four Lane NH Connectivity of Edappally-Vyttila-Aroor section of NH -66 from Km.342.000 to Km.358.750 in the state of Kerala - Proposal for improving water supply to Cheranellore Panchayath - Supplying and laying 450mm D1-K9 pipe from Thammanam Pump House to Vadathodu Tank site (Km.342+000 to Km.346+900)(Length of 4.9 Km) through Service Roads (941.56 Kb application-pdf) 29-10-2021